Green Marble Enduro Riders present the Three Springs Enduro

2018 Three Springs Enduro

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August 11th 2019 - Three Springs Enduro

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For information:
Call Chris Borger at 301.865.0779 or
Email Chris Borger
AMA/ECEA membership is required
District 6 & 7 points paying
Memberships are available

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Signup, and Start at the Fire Hall in downtown Three Springs PA -

Camping will be at the Shehan farm, .4 from the Fire Hall. Big rigs at the pool.
We won't have a Youth Enduro this year
Adult Enduro Key Time: Sunday Morning - August the 11th - 2019- 8:00 a.m.
The trail is C rider friendly with some fun off cambers, a few short hill climbs, and a Sideling Hill Creek water crossing which is turning into a great annual spectator point.

There will be an A/B rider split at a different place this year, and the C riders will get to ride what we have always only let the A/b riders in years past, thejunkyard section. My personal favorite..

Each woods section is 4-8 miles long with plenty of resets and free times to catch up.
For 2019 we will have a start control format.

The gas available will be at Rocket, and a gas truck is provided. The gas availables will be away. We lose way too much money on the event, but we still want to make this fun for you and your family. The local county fair is in Huntingdon the same weekend, so it's alot of fun for the kids, and you and the kids can enjoy the town swimming pool until 7 pm on Saturday and all day Sunday, It only costs $2 (sorry, it's not free anymore) and the Spaghetti dinner Saturday night at the Three Springs Fire Hall has been cancelled, but there are two restaurants in town. Thanks for your understanding and remember, all your support goes to the tiny little town and the fire hall that supports your enduro.

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Visit the POOL on Saturday and Sunday, right next to the firehall